Joke of the Day

We get them in our email. We find them on the net. We see them in forums, on MySpace. In fact, they're everywhere we look. And until now, we have given them but a passing glance, chuckled then deleted them from our emails, and our minds. But no more!

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Here at Addixion we're going to save the best of your jokes, in perpetuum, in an attempt to create an interesting collection of some of the best jokes ever foisted upon the internet.

But we need your help. If you see a joke out there, whether text or funny picture, send it to me at this email address:

And if I use your joke, not only will you have the thrill of seeing your joke on this page, but I will credit you with the contribution. You don't even need to have written the joke yourself, stolen stuff off the net is fine with me! But wait, it gets even better. If your email includes your real name and address, the staff at Addixion (meaning me) will send to you an official Addixion Membership Card, a document so rare and valuable that as of this moment the only copy exists in my head. If the same joke is submitted by more than one contributor, the first one in gets the credit, and preference is given to new contributors over repeat contributors if duplicate jokes arrive. Jokes sent to my other emails may or may not be used, but unless the email specifically mentions that it is to be considered for Joke of the Day no credit will be given. In other words, I want to make sure you have seen this page! Almost anything goes, but if I deem it to be overly pornographic, I may choose, after forwarding it to my family, not to use it. But if you've been reading at all, you have will have realized it will have to be very obscene or offensive for that to happen because I'm so twisted I have to screw my socks on..

Which brings me, via a neat little segue (look it up!) to my next point. Some, or even most, of the jokes I am tossing up here are definitely adult oriented. So, if you are under 18, or whatever is the age of consent where you are, or if you have objections to such things, please go away RIGHT NOW

And that's all the legalese I ever want to write. Now.........entertain me!

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