As the title of this page hopefully suggests, this is NOT A BLOG. This is merely an ongoing listing of updates to Addixion as well as clarification of the changes and additions you may see here. Basically, it's all things Addixted in its most basic form.

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June 17, 2012

Time for an update since I am certain you have all been checking this page on a daily basis in anticipation for the last 10 months.

So here it is, NOTHING NEW!

But seriously, in my online world there have been things that have changed. Sites come, sites go, but the solid ones stay and keep working. I have recently taken over the running of COS, which means a lot more work and a lot more thins to do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. And of course more money. I do have one good friend helping me and trust me, I keep the poor girl hopping. But even with her help I have let many of my previous sites and programs languish for lack of time. Not that I mind because it's much better to be making a lot of money from one location than a little money from a lot, right? Especially when the location in question is one you have some control over and that you now 100% is going to pay and almost more important, is going to still be there in a year.

So, if you're looking for me and can't find me, now you know why.

August 1, 2011

Yes, it HAS been 4 months since I updated the Notablog. Well, in my defense I was busy. You know, wedding and all that? And busy making money of course.

Just thought I would list for you all of my contest winnings for the end of July. This is all in addixion (LOL) to my regular earnings and to whatever promos and contstes I managed to grab a piece of during the month itself.

1) Another Mod-of-the-Month win at Clickorsignup.  $20.00

2) First place in the monthly referral contest at EarningPrizes $10.00

3) Third place tie in monthly referral contest at Seadollarz $2.50

Here are the corresponding banners to brighten up this post:


So once again, as I keep telling you, making real money online really IS possible! Why not give it a try yourself?

April 10, 2011

Due to perpetual put-it-off-ness followed by a nasty viral attack attack on my desktop plus the fact that my laptop wasn't fully prepared to do this I am once again late with this announcement. All the same, it is with great humility (yarite) that I accepted the COS' Mod of the Month for the month of March. This is a great honour because it was voted upon not only be staff of COS but by its rank and file members. Along with the honour and the bragging rights comes a $25 award, which is certainly nothing to be sneezed at.

You can see the proof that I won just by looking at COS' Mod profile page,'ll need to register first


March 25, 2011

Oh, I know. I need to update more often. But you know, there's always something else that needs to be done. But those things really do pay off. A case in point? look at this:

That's right, $100 from a site that is guaranteed to pay. It could be you. If you haven't tried this stuff, you really should! Just last week I got a new laptop, entirely from money I have made doing this. Here are (again) my top two sites right now:

January 23, 2011

Not at all a bad week for payments. Want to see? Too bad, here they are anyway!

1) AdBrite: $7.89

2) DonkeyMails : $1.10

3) DollarClickorSignup : $1.00

4) YourCashSurveys : $14.00

5) NeoBux : $9.02

6) ClickorSignUp : $20.00

Grand total for this week: $53.01!

So guess what? You really CAN make money online!


July 19, 2010

Just testing something, pay no mind to the man behind the curtain...

June 15, 2010

Did you think there would be no more? Well, think again!

Yet another referral contest and a $30 prize is ripe for the taking. Here's the current situation:

Place User Prize Referrals
1 wrknomore $30.00 2
2 bbonds756 $20.00 2
3 exos $10.00 1
... You ... 1

So clearly I could snipe this one away without too much trouble, but I'll need help. Same deal, just register and confirm your email, unless you WANT to make money.

Thanks in advance!

June 1, 2010

Thank you to all who helped with the referral contest previously mentioned. In the end I finished tied for 1st place for $7.50. Which in itself is real good. But the best part is that while my competition was busy trying to snipe away the $10 first place prize he forgot about the big one and I walked away with $25 as the top earner for the month of May. Ha! Does it get any better than this?

May 27, 2010


Last 4 days for the HBC referral contest. I'm ahead by one for a $10 prize but it's still far from a sure thing. All you need to do is register and confirm your email. You don't even have to earn anything or keep at it, but of course I would love it if you did.

March 10, 2010

I gave up on the "This Month in PTC" feature some time ago (and obviously on posting much of anything) because no one really cared, did they? But this deserves, if nothing else, an honourable mention. For all of those out there who think you can't make money doing this stuff, here is what I RECEIVED in the last 6 days:

$36.21 from DCOS
$15.00 from
$10.00 from
$5.89 from
$1.34 from

Total: $68.44

Granted, this was an exceptional week, but I am now receiving money from SOME program each and every week. And my grand total received since I started this:


So, once again, a big raspberry to the nay-sayers out there.

January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

The image you see on the front page was taken the week before Christmas from the top of Lowell Mountain in Vermont, kind of a shortcut to Burlington, looking towards Hazen's Notch. I know you can't see it clearly, so here's a bigger version (without the writing)

Hazen's Notch

The reason I like that particular picture is that last summer I climbed the mountain on the left of the Notch, called Haystack It looks small from this distance, but trust me, it was a nasty climb that I came down from cut and bleeding.

And yes, I am still a dork

December 17, 2009

Today, I received my biggest single payout to date. $25.30 from HelpHits dropped into my PayPal account. I'm really excited, because even though the regular payouts of $1.00, $2.00, $3.00, or whatever are definitely adding up, an amount of this size seems more like real money. And, even though it took a while to reach the cashout (because after all, it's primarily a traffic exchange and not a PTC),  unlike some of the iffy ones I never had any doubt I was going to get paid.

Thanks Connie!

December 6, 2009

This is, without doubt, the best and quickest paying earning site I have ever found:


DCoS is a GPT. If you don't know what that is, think of it this way: If PTC is fast food, then GPT is a buffet. They pay you via PTC, and also pay to sign up to other sites, as well as to do offers and surveys etc. The list is endless (almost.) And in this case, I have been making up to 40 cents a day just on the PTC section alone. That's 40 cents towards a $1.00 minimum cashout! In other words, you can request cashout every 2½ days. Better yet, first level referrals pay 100% so with only 1 active referral you can send a cashout request almost every day! They pay twice a month, AND THEY DO PAY. I have barely been using it two weeks and today I received almost $3.00 into my PayPal account....with no fees. Support is incredible; they help you instantly if you do something stupid and get your account frozen (which I have done twice.)

So, give it a try. Trust me ------who wouldn't?-----  I am sure you will be as impressed as I am.

November 3, 2009

So, do you like the shot of the elk sparring on Addixion's front door? I kind of thought it was an appropriate autumn photo. It's not as clear as I would have liked, and I wish I could have cropped out the feed trough to make it look wilder, but you take what you get. If you really really like it, there is a wallpaperish version available RIGHT HERE.  I'm using it as my own wallpaper on two of my computers and it doesn't look half bad. By the way, do all of you recall the comments I got about the moose photo I used all summer at linkreferral? They called it a horse, a donkey, a cow and even, yes even an elephant. Interestingly enough, the very first LR comment I received after putting up the elk shot complained that they couldn't read the words because of the moose picture. I just can't win for losing.

This month I got the October jokes properly archived and linked to within 3 days. So if your favourites are in there, you can still get to them.

Finally, another reminder that Pete's page has been updated once again. Please take a look and do whatever you can to support him and his friends.

October 25, 2009

By now you have all noticed that weird, misshapen moon and bat symbol on the front page. You know, this one?

And most of you, if you take the time to think at all, are saying, "WTF is THAT supposed to be??" And I would do the same, because since there are so many GOOD Hallowe'en images out there that it would seem stupid to use that one. But in this case, there is an real reason for it. You see, that's my actual pumpkin, the one that is sitting on my windowsill right this moment. Here's proof:

Are you impressed yet?

And of course you have ALL read about today's visit with Pete and his friends. Did you see the elk sticking his tongue out at me? (personally I suspect that may be a sign that he was about to charge) Well, in my own little warped mind, I think it is worth a closer look.


October 14, 2009

I finally, almost halfway through October, properly linked in the jokes from September. Yes, I am a turnip and I will admit it. I wonder if anyone has or will notice that somehow I lost the jokes from September 1st to September 8th? Probably not, that would presume people actually look at them. Now, if I could just get my summer pictures, as well as my autumn pictures, off my camera and onto Addixion.

If anyone has been waiting for "This Month in PTC" for September....well I haven't done it. I'll do a two month wrap up at the end of October instead, PROMISE!

But I did manage to update Pete's page, so it's not all bad, is it?

September 14, 2009

I gave Pete his own page. You can see it here: Save Pete

That has two separate advantages:

1) It will allow me to type whatever kind of sh*t here I want as usual without burying poor Pete under the fluff and

2) I can keep updating anyone who is interested (as well as those who are NOT interested) on Pete-related information.

September 10, 2009

Today Addixion tackles an Animal Rights Issue

Save Pete the Moose

No, Pete is not the moose on the front page, but he may be a relative to that juvenile cow. This is too long for me to type and reword, so I am copying from HERE:

"For more than a year now, Irasburg, VT, resident David Lawrence has been nursing a moose back to health. Pete the moose had just been attacked by dogs last year when Lawrence happened upon him on his property. Since then, Lawrence and Pete have had a bond that they didn't think would be broken... 

That's when the State of Vermont came in. Pete lives on an elk farm and part of his diet comes from the food of the elk, from animal feed. Vermont State officials fear that there is a high risk of Pete contracting something "called chronic wasting disease", a brain ailment that affects deer-like animals and can be spread via animal feed as well as from animal to animal. (Addixion note: Sounds like the cervine version of Mad Cow disease to me )Vermont would like to "remove" the deer and moose that inhabit this 600-acre elk farm. And by remove, we mean kill. Maybe.

Vermont is currently looking for alternative homes for the moose and deer currently living in the farm. Their concern over chronic wasting disease are legitimate, but so are the concerns of the people who don't want to see a healthy animal killed. “We’re human beings, and we’re farmers, and we can’t stand to see an animal die if we can save it,” says Lawrence.

If you'd like to voice your opinion, send Gov. Jim Douglas an email by clicking here"

Oh, and if you do write Jim Douglas (you won't, but if you DO) mention that you saw this at Addixion please? I may be working the Animal Rights thing, but I am always an opportunist, and a backlink into his email can only be a good thing for Addixion



September 1, 2009

Hello everyone, and welcome to "This Month in PTC," that day you all look forward to with unbridled enthusiasm and anticipation...or not.

As is tradition, we begin with the bad news. And the bad news is, ummmm. The bad news is, well to be frank there really isn't any bad news. The only less than totally sanguine news concerns BeachBux, which appears to be falling apart, much as nomincashout did a few months ago. Ads are still being hosted, but the admin has taken a powder, their forum is full of porn and self-promotion, and NOBODY (least of all me) is getting paid. I still include the $2ish they owe me in the totals, but in all real expectations it's gone. Such is life.

Now, how about some totals? As of August 30:

Virtual money: $329.56 Paid money: $100.55

This is a net increase, in the last month, of $36.54 in virtual cash and $32.14 in real live spendable money. From where did this windfall come? Let's see, $6.26 from AdBrite, $8.86 from, smaller payments from PalmBux, BuxWiz,   and of course from EasyHits. And finally, in the largest single pure PTC payment to date, a whopping $9.20 from Wordlinx.

September promises to be less profitable, because many of the ones I was nearing cashout in are now reset, but I AM expecting a $7 cheque in the mail within the next few days from Clixsense, so that at least will give me something good in my snailmail for a change.

And for those of you who recall the original goal to all this madness, namely to make Addixion self-sufficient, clearly with paid totals over $100 that has been achieved. True, I went over the required amount the week after the hosting fees had been paid, but it still counts as a success in my books. Now, time to start saving for 2010.....

August 17, 2009

Something a little different for me here tonight. Out of the box, you might say. Which is actually a pun, as you will see if for some reason you keep reading.

For years I have considered the Pontiac Aztek as the ugliest vehicle ever made. And ugly it unquestionably is. Built of bizarre angles and corners, no one could possibly argue that it is simply hideous. Proof:

But the other day I passed on the Autoroute something that beats the Aztek hands down.  It was  a vehicle so bereft in style and personality as to make you want to run screaming and gasping to your local classic car dealer to enquire about an Edsel (As an aside, while the Edsel got terrible styling reviews in its time, I always thought it was an extremely cool and classy car). Anyway, without further ado, for your viewing displeasure, I give you.........the Nissan Cube:

Now seriously, who would buy such a thing? It's not cute. It's not quirky. It's just plain ugly. These aren't cars, these are dice on wheels. In fact, if I had one (won in a contest? Certainly not purchased!) I would be tempted to paint pips on it to emphasize its diceness even more. You know, 6 on the top, 1 on the bottom so that if two of them collided and and rolled over it would make snake eyes....

If you have any other candidates for the "Most Hideous Vehicle of all Time" award, or if you actually LIKE the styling of the Cube, feel free to argue with me. I will entertain, and will be entertained by, all comments and suggestions.

August 16, 2009

A review at linkreferral caught my attention tonight:

Our Reviews
"You must be blessed. Your site should not work...but it does. I loved it. Got into your joke archive and couldn't leave. You know, with all the effort and time we all spend working on our sites, it really makes you think, just where are all the moose?"

Get your own reviews, free traffic at

Well, as much as I appreciate the great review Nerida, you brought my attention to a serious oversight:  Halfway through August, I HADN'T LINKED IN THE JULY JOKES! Consider the situation resolved.....

As for where the moose are, usually on a country road just at dusk when you're going 60mph.

August 4, 2009

Hello there, and welcome to "This Month in PTC."

We begin, as always, with the bad news. This month the only real bad news is AdverBux. After a solid month of being offline I have written off the $18 I had saved up as virtual money and removed it from my calculations. No surprise, but if my totals seem a bit lower than expected this month that is the main reason. Also, since it is summer and the weather is (kind of) decent, I have put a bit less time into this. Not much less........but a bit.

So here it is My totals as of last Sunday were the following:

Paid: $68.41 Virtual: $293.02. This makes a net increase of $14.54 in real paid money and $34.25 in virtual cash, even with the loss of $18 at AdverBux.

Paid includes $6.08 from ValueBux, $2.01 from BuxMatrix, and $6.45 from EasyHits4U. ValueBux was the biggest surprise, and the largest single payout I have had from a straight PTC site. They had cashout problems, and everyone in this "business" had written them off as a scam, but they are under a new owner and seem to be getting their act together.

I tried renting 3 referrals at NeoBux, using my virtual savings only, with disappointing results. In fact I did not quite make my $0.75 back on them. The first half of the month was fine, but then they stopped doing their work. I will try renting again, but not until the summer is over. Damned people going on vacations instead of clicking!

What to look for this month? Well, there will be a cheque from AdBrite for $6 or so. And at least two or the newest ones I have joined should reach their $2 minimum cashout. I think joining brand new PTC sites may be a good idea, because you have a decent chance of hitting the minimum before the site folds...

Also, two of the oldest and most respected ones are nearing their $10 minimums. Both Clixsense and Wordlinx should easily get there this month. is another one which I am well on my way with. So I'm expecting a pretty decent month of August, in terms real paid money.

And then there are surveys. Surveys don't always figure in my totals, because most of them give you points towards some undefined cashout or prize. And 80% of the surveys I do stop prematurely because I don't fit the demographics for the survey. But just today I received, free of charge, to try out, a 6-pack of a new beer that I had done a survey about. I can't tell you what the beer is or anything about it because I'm sworn to secrecy, but the first 5 people who come visiting will get the chance to try out something they have never tasted, seen, or heard of. Five different people visiting? Could take a while.

July 24, 2009

For the apparently numerous people out there, particularly at linkreferral,  who have never seen such a thing, that photo on the front page is a moose. It's not a deer, it's not a donkey, And it certainly is NOT an elephant (good lord!). IT'S A MOOSE, DAMNIT!

July 22, 2009

Of my next set of photos I have one ready. And  I think it's just too spectacular to wait for the others to be resized and formatted. So, those of you who do more than use Addixion as a way station rather than a destination get a sneak preview. I took this from the top of The Pinnacle in Baldwin's Mills, leaning over the cliff....

July 13, 2009

FINALLY I have put the first summer pictures up for display. Take a look (and check the links and coding for errors) and hopefully even enjoy them. I also removed the 1280x800 formats because I figured if someone wanted that format they could do it themselves with the 1440x900 size. If not......oops? Let me know. (and yes, there are more)

I'm also thinking of/considering a "Birds, Beasts, and Bugs" photo page, with the current moose photo as the centrepiece. Some day I might even get it done.

July 8, 2009

<bitch> I desperately need a new computer. And I DO mean desperately. Both of my computers are from a long since forgotten generation. My main computer, with a blazing fast (hope you get the sarcasm) 700MHz processor, has corrupted sectors on its tiny hard drive (size DOES matter, no matter how hard it might be). Also there is some weird problem with Java that I have never been able to find. Both of these issues mean slow loading. Or worse than slow, NON-loading. The other computer, at 800MHz, actually loads reasonably quickly. Unfortunately it has a nasty habit of just losing connection for no apparent reason. Also browsers freeze and can neither be used nor closed. When I'm working on it I typically have 3-5 dead browsers across my taskbar. And of course they both are running WIN98. Remember WIN98? It was .....ok... in its day but now is totally obsolete. Microsoft doesn't support it ("Microsoft" and "support" in the same sentence? THERE'S a first)  and more and more I cannot see certain websites or run certain applications. You see, because of WIN98 I can't go higher than IE6. As for downloading a second browser such as Firefox, get real! On the plus side, what little there is, no one is writing viruses (virii?) that work on WIN98 so my total lack of protection since AVG stopped working on WIN98 isn't an issue.

This is what I do to unwind, after all. It's supposed to be relaxing. But it's not at all relaxing to keep running from room to room and computer to computer because they're either not loading fast enough or they have crashed and are in the midst of a reboot. You're waiting for the summer pictures? This is why they haven't been made available yet.  I have some great ones, but it has become so much work to do anything that I barely feel like starting the job.

And for making money online, when your revenue depends on opening sites and moving from one to another as fast as possible I am at a severe disadvantage, crippled even, with my antique machines.


July 2, 2009

Did you know July 2 is the middle day of a non-leapyear year? Another bit of trivia for you! We have plugged our way through half of this year already!

July 1, 2009

Threw my picture in here. I thought it would make it more personal. And hey, somebody might want to know what I look like?

June 30, 2009

Welcome to "This month in PTC"

First, the bad. AdverBux, where I'm carrying an $18 virtual balance towards a $20 cashout, has had a hard month. They were the victims of repeated DOSS attacks, forcing a server change and requiring them to ban all accounts from certain Asian countries. I personally doubt I'll see my money, but am still hopeful.

A similar fate met NoMinCashout. Hackers hit the site over and over, took over the forums, messed with everyone's balances. While the site is still up and running, and ads still being served, there is no hope for the $4 I have in  the cashout queue.

And then there is AngelBux. I hate it when these sites are called scams, because most are not really scams, they are honest attempts to do "business" that fall on hard times. AngelBux, on the other hand, is a true scam. They post announcements that they have paid, but no one I could find anywhere on the net has ever been paid. Nice, hmmm?

Now, how have I done in the last month? Not bad, in my opinion. Virtual balance is $258.77 and Paid is $53.87, giving me a net increase of $18 virtual and $20.18 Paid for the month of June. Paid includes my AdBrite cheque and payouts from EasyHits4U and NeoBux. There's actually been another $3.34 payout from EasyHits, today in fact, but since I update my worksheet on Sunday the earnings form the last 2 days are not included. So, there you have it. Slowly but surely, I am now cleanly over halfway to paying for Addixion's upkeep.

Oh, and by the way. I am removing the "Review" page. Since I got an A rating at linkreferral I can't keep up with the number of reviews I have gotten. A good thing, right? I'll still continue to show you some of the best, worst, and weirdest.


June 23, 2009

I've been taking a lot of pictures lately. So many in fact that the task of arranging, editing, resizing, and uploading them is a bit offputting. But they WILL come! Because some of them are frankly breathtaking (I don't do humble!) and were well worth the dose of poison ivy. As a sneak preview, I tossed the first one, a cloud/sky reflection photo of Lac Stukely, on the home page. Can you imagine the complaints from linkreferral?

Here it is without the text over it:

June 11, 2009

Skuffy 30/06/1993-11/06/2009

For those of you who do not know who Skuffy was let me make a short albeit belated introduction. Skuffy was a dog, officially a Papillon but more accurately describable as a cross between a spaniel and a groundhog. He's been kicking around this house since he was less than a year old and finally took his well deserved leave from this world today just 2 weeks shy of his 16th birthday.

16 is, of course, a venerable and impressive age for a dog. The old 7:1 ratio would put him at 112 in human years. I've never quite bought that calculation, because we see a lot more 15 year old dogs than we do 105 year old people, but by any calculation, Skuffy was old. In the last few years he gradually lost first his hearing and then his eyesight. And in the last year or so all strength in his hind quarters abandoned him and if the weather was humid merely walking became a chore. Being both blind and deaf and not really seeming to know what was going on earned him the nickname "Zombie Dog" from my kids. And yet, he had no trouble finding his way around the property, and even down to the neighbour's house to pee on his mailbox.

He wasn't always like this, of course. He used to love to play ball. Hours on end we would throw a tennis ball over the railing and he would rush to get it and was back up the stairs for another round before we could even get comfortable at the dinner table. The same thing outside. Constantly bugging you to throw his ball, we attempted to throw it farther and farther with every toss.  I also used him as a kind of a caddy while practicing golf. I would tee off from the back lawn and shag balls up into the field for him to get and bring back to me. So dedicated (OCD) was he to this task that on one occasion when I topped the ball and drove it at full speed into his hip he yelped, fell down, but then was almost instantly up on his three functioning legs and off into the field to retrieve it.

Yes, Skuffy was just a dog. But in 16 years I have seen wives come and go, girlfriends come and go. My kids have grown up and moved away, some nearby and some very far away. My career went from sucking to being very good to sucking even harder. Financial situations have gone up and gone down. But through all of this that stupid little dog has been the one constant in my life. He has been the one thing that was always here, that I always could count on. Sitting here at the computer now, it seems so odd not to have his smelly little body on my feet. I get up to get a cup of coffee and have to stop myself from talking to him. I have known for a few days that his time was up. I don't think he ate or drank anything for three days. I would carry him outside, then carry him back in a half hour later. In the meantime, he hadn't moved an inch from where I had set him down.

Tonight when I got home from work to find he had given up, I took Skuffy's dog tag off his collar (probably to end up hanging from my rearview mirror) and wrapped his little body in the blanket he spent so many hours the last few years asleep on. I found a very old tennis ball in the shed that had been worried until the cover was almost gone as well as a golf ball with teeth marks on it and wrapped both up in the blanket beside him. At the very top of the field where he used to run, where he used to follow us when we would take walks, I found a spot where the earth was soft for him, and once covered with dirt I laid rocks over him to both protect him from animals and to give him some semblance of a marker. No official marker is needed, his existence will be marked every day when I come home and he isn't there waiting.


June 2, 2009

As promised (threatened?) yesterday, it's time for "This Month in PTC." I plan to make this a regular monthly feature, unless I get distracted.  I am lumping all my online earnings together, so it's not just PTC I am including. Also on the table are ad revenues, PTR, Traffic Exchange earnings, and Paid Surveys.

Let's begin with the bad:  1) AdverBux, once my favourite and most profitable PTC, went from daily earnings of 10-20 cents to 1-2 cents and now has been down for over two weeks for "Server Upgrades." Two weeks for server upgrades? Are they building a mainframe from scratch?? I'm thinking my $17 will never get to the $20 required for cashout.  2) NoMin is down while they make some kind of script changes. They apparently were attacked repeatedly. I'm not surprised, because their script is extremely buggy. For instance the LogIn buttons don't work. You have to backdoor the login by typing the exact address (or saving it to your computer). I've been waiting for my first payout for a few days past the 30 days they estimated.

Don't forget that the primary, initial goal in all of this is to make Addixion pay for herself. And as I have probably mentioned, the annual cost is $83 for hosting + $14 for domain name = $97 total.

Now, let's compare the end of April to the end of May. As of April 30th I had $27.38 in actual paid money and $163.61 in "Virtual Money" As of May 31 the total paid was $33.69 and virtual was $240.77. So the net for the month was $6.31 paid and $77.17 virtual.

Before you say that I am making very little money, there are a couple of specifics I should mention. Firstly, AdBrite has reached minimum once more, so I am pretty well guaranteed a cheque for about $13.00 from them in the next couple of weeks. And as of today I once again reached minimum cashout with EasyHits4U, a simple little traffic exchange that surprisingly enough is still my best PAYING program. So, even if nothing else works, I can count on an additional $16.00 in paid money before the end of June.

In the payout queue along with the $2 from NoMin is the first $10 cashout from AngelBux. With any luck both of these will be honoured. And my spamming, linking, and traffic exchange work is paying out to the extent that I am gradually picking up referrals in various programs so several other programs are approaching cashout.

June 1, 2009

Addixion welcomes Mandy to our growing group of link partners. If you read her blog you'll see that Mandy is a happily married (or at least she is when posting in public places) mother of two from Georgia. She writes about movies, books, music, and life. In other words, unlike some of us (meaning me) online,  she's at least semi-intelligent! Take a few moments to read over her blog. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Coming soon: The Month in PTC

May 27, 2009

As a test, I am curious as to what kind of reviews I will get without the big image on the home page. Wanna bet they find something else to bitch about?

May 26, 2009 (yeah, now it's definitely the 26th)

While checking my links I just noticed that, after HOW many months?, the intro to the NotaBlog called it an "ondoing" listing instead of an "ongoing" listing. I suppose if anyone really read this they would have told me.

May 25 (26?) 2009

By popular ........well ok, maybe not so popular.........demand, I have reactivated the Smilie, aka Emoticon page. Actually it just occurred to me today that there was a semi-simple way to do it. Long-time Addixion members will recognize the smilies being used, and know instantly where I am getting them from. The work of adding them is a bit tedious and time-consuming, so I only did the first few rows of them. I'll add them on a daily basis until they're all on there, unless I get distracted. In other words, (ahh, where was I?) eventually there will be lots more, but don't hold your breath.

May 3, 2009

If you take a look at the Eastern Townships photographs you'll see I added a few from a little walk I took last weekend. I know, people are going to say all my photos are of water. What can I say, I like the way water creates a focal point in so many photographs. And I do, after all, live in a land of lakes and rivers. Regular visitors will perhaps notice I removed the 800x600 option. I don't even use that resolution and I doubt there are many people out there using more obsolete hardware than I do.

As for the background image........ it's even difficult for ME to read the text, so until I switch it be prepared for a real battering in my reviews.

May 1, 2009

PTC is a brutal business. Sites come, sites go. You're clicking away contently, watching your total rise, when with no warning the site is gone. You reach the minimum cashout and suddenly they no longer pay their members. The one that gave you the best return last month, or even last week, becomes virtually worthless the next. Is it really worth doing? Perhaps not. Are there more profitable or productive things I could be doing? Well Duh!

And yet, I refuse to give up, because little by little, the total amount of money actually received adds up. Anyone who knows me knows that once I really get a burr up my ass (figuratively, not literally) I throw myself into it 100%, whether work, relationships, or anything else. And I have made it my mission to pay for Addixion's upkeep solely from online earnings. In addition to PTC, I am now experimenting with PTR and online Paid Surveys. To that goal, I now have close to 1/3 of the hosting costs sitting safely in my PayPal account.

Despite everything, not only does this stuff pay a little and keeps me out of the other online troubles I have been known to encounter, it is, frankly.......just plain fun!

April 23, 2009

PimpMyRagz is a unigue T-Shirt site featuring designz and styles you might not see elsewhere. Esoteric, off-beat, funky, well you get the idea. When Aiden in the UK contacted me for a link exchange I was more than glad to oblige

And it came right at the perfect time, because we had just lost Jokes,jokes, and more jokes to "This Blog has been removed" oblivion, a fact gleefully pointed out to me by numerous LR reviewers. Which brings me to another point. Why was it casual LR visitors who brought this to my attention and not one of my (predominantly female) regular visitors? Come on, girls! Do yo think I keep you around just because you're pretty? Oh wait, that is kind of the reason, isn't it.......

April 15, 2009

I finally got the last of the photos from that walk along the river I took at the end of March up and formatted. Nice that I did the Spring photos before summer came, right? Of course most of the remaining ice and snow you see is already gone, but what can you do?

As I was editing them I saw some stuff in a couple of them that might make decent photographs in the future. For instance, the spires of the Cathedral showing in the shot of the Paton Mill from across the water suggested that a closer photo of the Cathedral itself, which is actually quite a spectacular piece or architecture, might make a good shot. I just have to be careful not to get too close to it or I risk being struck by lightning....

Other news? Today I received my first cheque from AdBrite, in the amount of $10.50US. Added to my PTC earnings I now have $27 guaranteed towards the $97 annual upkeep for Addixion.

April 10, 2009

I got the geese picture up and available as wallpaper. The thumbnail does not do it justice, so make sure you look at the bigger versions.

April 9, 2009

Today, from the "Different Strokes for Different Folks Department," we have this. These are already posted on the Review page of course, but since not everyone (or not ANYONE?) reads that I wanted to point them out once more. You see, some people get what I'm doing and some people......don't.


I Get It!

"Your website is the weirdest website on the net!!!!! You have everything yet you have nothing... it's a perfect place to get lost in and enjoy being lost because of the weird content! You wont understand what i am talking about unless you visit the website your self! The webmaster of"


Get your own reviews, free traffic at

I Don't Get It!

"the layout is poor and i recommend not having the background image.its off putting"

Get your own reviews, free traffic at


"I help others design websites for businesses, and I have to say that you break just about every rule there is on how to make a good one. BUT I loved it! When you are trying to put your personality into a site sometimes the rules must be ignored in order to get the job done. Bad navigation, hard to read text, and poor layout all around, but like a train wreck I couldn't look away, lol! You need to keep doing what you do and be true to yourself. Thanks for a fun 10 minutes. "


Get your own reviews, free traffic at

I'm a Moron!

"My mom said if I can't say anything nice, not to say anything at all."


Get your own reviews, free traffic at

April 7, 2009

As a nod to the increasingly International flavour of our little site, I would like to welcome Lokendra Rathore as a "Link Partner"

Lokendra  runs a small (8 room) guesthouse in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Don't worry, I had to look on a map to locate it as well...

You can see his guesthouse, and even book a stay at it, by going HERE. It looks like a really nice place, so if any of you are ever in that part of India, you know at least one good place to stay. He also blogs about his town of Jaipur in the site linked on Addixion's main page. So, take a few minutes and look it over. Expand your mind with the culture and traditions of another part of the world.

In other news, thanks to a second payment by Neobux, and to my obsessive surfing at EasyHits, the total confirmed, in my PayPal account, is now $16.88US. Which leaves just over $80 to cover Addixion's upkeep until September 2010. Slowly but surely....

  March 31, 2009

Instead of working and staring at HTML for hours to get them all ready at once, I decided to unveil my new photos one at a time, starting with the wallpaper versions of the train picture presently on the front door.

If you want to see, go here. If you don't want to see, well don't go there then I guess.

March 29, 2009

We needed more of a spring-type background, didn't we? Yesterday I spent some time at the park, taking some shots of birds, ice, bare trees (you know, early spring in southern Québec). Some of them are pretty decent shots. I have a lot more resizing and sorting to do before offering them as wallpapers, but I wanted to toss this first one of the Canada Geese onto the home page ASAP, because I know everyone is sick to death of looking at my house in the snow....

Edit: OK, I changed it already. I like the shot of the black train contrasting with the golden grasses and reeds better. But if you want a sneak peek of the Geese picture, here it is:

March 17, 2009

I wouldn't normally put this story in here, because this is the sort of thing that blogs are for and this is..........well, Not-a-Blog. But I thought it was just too cool to ignore:

MANTECA, Calif. -- A paraplegic man in California is walking again and doctors are calling it a miracle.

David Blancarte lost the use of his legs 21 years ago after a motorcycle accident.

He got bitten by a brown recluse spider and went first to the hospital, then to rehab for eight months.

A nurse noticed his leg spasm and ran a test on him.

"When they zapped my legs, I felt the current and I was like 'Whoa' and I yelled," recalls Blancarte.

He felt the current and the rush of a renewed sense of hope. The nurse told Blancarte his nerves were alive and had just been asleep.

Five days after the discovery, Blancarte was walking. He's now out of the hospital and using a walker to get around.

The former boxer and dancer is taking it all in stride, know his best days are still ahead. While he's giving up boxing, Blancarte says he can't wait to get on the dance floor.

(Copyright 2009 by CNN. All Rights Reserved.)

Unlike Peter Parker's spider, I don't think it was radioactive, but this guy has a legitimate claim as a real-life Spiderman. On the other hand, when you stop to think about it, spider venom is a neuro-toxin (I think, I'm not looking anything up at 12:30 in the morning, so if I'm wrong please forgive me) so it's not that surprising that a shot of spider venom might give enough of a jolt to reactivate long dormant nerve endings. There is clearly something to be looked into on this one. I can envision the day when the first means of treatment for paraplegia includes controlled injections of Brown Recluse venom.

In other, more typical news, as Addixion's fame across the net grows (or at least my offer to share links with all does) I hope you will all take a few moments to check out the latest addixions to our small but growing family of "partners"

Jokes, jokes and more jokes is an interesting and very amusing collection of funny stories and pictures. The site and author is based in Queensland, Australia and is updated regularly or daily.

Dave's Computer comes out of England. He claims to know little or nothing of what he is doing, but personally I think he's more advanced than he purports to be, if the quality of the site itself is any indication.



March 8, 2009

OK, let's talk about PTC. I know on my PTC page I say you won't get rich unless you are fanatical about it. But those of you who know me well know that I have this tendency to get fanatical about things. And I am bound and determined I am going to make money with this. So far, it seems to be working...

PTC is the black sheep, the dregs if you will,  of the internet money-making world. In fact many people out there call them scams. But in my semi-humble opinion, it is not a scam unless you yourself hand over some of your own money. And trust me folks, my wallet is cemented into my pocket where these sites are concerned. So I am in no danger of getting scammed, and if I make a few bucks (or "bux" in the parlance) then I am ahead, right? So far, it seems to be working. I have, as of today, a total of $4.56 from the straight PTC sites and $3.00 from the Easyhits4U traffic exchange. This is not virtual money, money saved up waiting to cashout. This is real, spendable money sitting in my PayPal account.

If we add in what I refer to as "Virtual Money" the total is around $90. Now I have no expectations of no expectations of getting ALL of that. I am realistic enough to know that some of these sites will never pay. They're not the most profitable enterprises out there, and they tend to go on and offline unexpectedly, but I'm hoping and assuming enough of them will pay to make it worth doing. And besides, I'm having a lot of fun with this, dork that I am...

So if you ever want to give it a try, go to my PTC page, sign up on a couple as my referral, and knock yourself out! You'll help not only yourself, and keep yourself out of the other trouble you might get into on the net (you know what I'm talking about, even if you won't admit it), but I myself will get a few cents out of your own ad clicking.

March 4, 2009

We're back up and running, people. Everything should work as before. If not, let me know. A huge thank you once again to WiredHub for going out of their way to help us with this!

February 28, 2009


For all forum users, here is what is going on. A few days ago WiredHub upgraded their servers to PHP5. Unfortunately our old copy of IPB was coded using PHP4 and the upgrade basically broke the boards. The first thing I did of course was to make sure everything was still there, because 7 years of our lives is chronicled within those pages. And you'll be glad to know it's all safe, even if we cannot see it.

All day yesterday they worked on it, trying to find a solution that would make it work with PHP5. Since they had still not gotten a hold on it they decided to move us to the last server still running PHP4 until a permanent fix was found. Before that was done there were more customers having similar issues. In fact "an increasing number" was their exact words. So, they are installing a new server dedicated to just those accounts requiring PHP4. Imagine, Addixion is not the ONLY site out there running obsolete software! Who would have known?

It may take 24-48 hours, due to the weekend, for the new server to be provisioned and up and running, but once it is, we will be moved to it and everything will be back to..........whatever is normal for us.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and for the angst. But, as always, I am working diligently to make it right.


February 26, 2009

This has to be the best review ever. Unfortunately it's too long to put as a "Featured Review" on the Home Page, but it still deserves special mention:

Best Review Ever

"A case of more than that meets the eye. The navigation in this site is really a suffering endeavor, the blue text in blue background can really annoy people with low attention span and patience the size of their own *toooooooot*. Read the entries, the diary-like entries about seemingly useless self-absorbed activities is what makes this site sticks out (including the presentation, unless he's just being postmodern, I really don't know the meaning of postmodern. Entries are downright funny especially in the Jan. 20 entry, calling one's own site a mistress cracked me up... should be a perfect 10 but the presentation really, is kinda needs fixing...or not."

Jasper Nikki

Get your own reviews, free traffic at

February 19, 2009

All right, I can hear the mumbling and feel the breeze from the headshaking from here, as everyone asks themselves, "Why the sh*t would he have added a Google button, of all things? It seems random and pointless (as does most everything here) but once again there is a simple and almost logical reason for it. You see, I went to all the trouble of copying learning  the script for "Make this your Home Page" and no one is likely to actually do it. Not even me! So, by tossing a Google button/link in there, I at least can finally make Addixion my home page. Oh, and yes I also see that the word "Google" is off-centre on the button. I will fix it another day, or not....

February 10, 2009

You will notice some changes to the Addixted Linx. In response to those who constantly complain they cannot see the links over the background, I have made link buttons for each. These are based on the old Birdland buttons, which were originally made for me by either Kaj or Gina (am old, so my memory has lost its sharpness). I know in terms of SEO this is probably not a good idea, because most search engine bots can't read the text on an image. I still have the External Linx to do, which I will get to, but it's sooooo mch work....

February 8, 2009

As of this moment, my PayPal account is the proud possessor of my very first payment from the unrelenting PTC ad clicking I have been doing. First payment from NeoBux was $2.06, of which I received $2.02 ($0.04 processing fee, oh well). This is, as far as I know, guaranteed money that belongs to me. And yes, I am excited.

January 31, 2009

I made some seemingly bizarre changes to the Get Paid to Click page. But there was method in my madness. You see, I am shunting at least half of the traffic from easyhit4u directly to that page. My feeling is if the other surf-for-credit people are like me, they're not looking at the site they go to much if at all. And they are certainly not going to explore it deeper. BUT, they might be interested in making ad-click money, since they are already devoted clickers. But easyhits puts their own countdown and logo/link information at the top of the surfpage. This pushes the site content down, so that I doubt the casual click-browsers are even seeing what that page is about. Which defeats any purpose I might have had in sending them there (the purpose was to entice people to sign up as my referral on some of the PTC sites, thereby earning me a few more pennies)

So, I narrowed the banner on the page, and put all the explanations under the link table. That way, even with the easyhits banner at the top, they should still see the top of the table and instantly recognize what the page is for. Am I wrong?

January 29, 2009

Abbie sent me some more beautiful Wisconsin photos for wallpapers, and I finally got them up on her wallpaper page. There are still a couple bugs in my coding, but she has waited long enough so I decided I would unveil them just slightly prematurely. You can see them here.  I'll keep working until the code is fixed. And thank you again, Abbie.

January 27, 2009

You will notice, assuming you pay any attention to such things, a new "External" link labeled "Animal Picture." I received an email yesterday from a lady (or a girl, not sure of her age but I assume she's female) named Karen, who had seen my offer for reciprocal linx when she browsed in from Linkreferral. And amazingly enough, unlike most of the WebWorld, she did not seem to be embarrassed by the idea of having herself linked at Addixion. I looked over some of her sites, and they are all high quality, fast loading sites with no porn that I have found (damnit!).

Soooooooooo, welcome to Karen as the first totally random Addixion linker. Please take some time to look over her sites. I am sure she would be most pleased if you did.

January 20, 2009

I have a mistress. She's very demanding. In fact she's taking more and more of my energy and time. Her name is......Addixion. Here's how my typical day runs:

I get up at 5, or earlier. I check LinkReferral for new reviews. Then I check the ad balances to see if I have gotten clicks during the night. Then I start on the Pay-to-Click sites until they're caught up. Next back to Linkreferral to save the reviews onto the "Site Review" page.

By now I need to rush to throw a lunch together, feed dog and birds, start the car (hopefully it hasn't snowed) and get my butt to work. And what does she do all this time? What does she do while I'm working? She just sits there, shaking her ass(ets) at all visitors, male and female, from anywhere in the world. I check on her off and on throughout the morning, because I don't trust her out of my sight for too long. Need to make sure she's not getting into too much trouble, after all.

When lunchtime rolls around I drag my lunch out and eat while I'm doing my Linkreferral updating, visiting sites, reviewing sites, and so on. Why? Because I can't let her get lonely. I have to make sure she constantly has company and entertainment. In the meantime, I'm thinking of ideas, things I can add, photos I can take, that will keep visitors happy, and even entice them to return to visit her again.

Back home, and  I repeat the steps I followed when I got up. Linkreferral, Pay-to-Click etc. When it gets close to midnight I post the Joke of the Day, then check everything once more before I leave her arms for the night and go to bed. Now, you may think that PTC does not directly benefit her. But you see, she's been lying here doing nothing for way too long, so I decided it was time for the lazy bitch to earn her own keep. Why should I pay out of my pocket for her? So, until her needs are taken care of for another year, all revenues will go into maintaining her and keeping her happy. She's not a cheap date....


January 17, 2009

Have you noticed the distinct improvement in the reviews? In terms of the things written, not necessarily the actual numeric score. I wonder if it's because the people truly like what they see, or because they have looked at the "Site Review" section and they know they're getting a free link to their own page and want it to be good. If so, it's working like a charm.....

January 13, 2009

So I have been having some fun with the LinkReferral Site Reviews.  I'm still going to have the featured reviews down there, but I wanted to show ALL the comments I have gotten. They're a perfect example of the old saying, "You can please some of the people some of the time" and so on and so on. But at least they're not all negative. On the other hand, some people are probably sucking up and fishing for site views and good reviews of their own sites. I'm quite sure of this, because I do it myself. In fact, not only do I visit and leave good reviews if I get one, I usually click on their ads as an extra thank you......

January 12, 2009

NotaBlog? Yes, I know. It's the same old Update page, with the same old boring, hard to read introduction. And as such, it IS not a blog. And yet, it's resembling one more and more, as I toss in odds and ends and little pieces of wisdom that do not really pertain to the maintenance of the site itself. But we won't call it a blog! Not that I have anything against bloggers or blogs per se, or against what they are, which is a record of thoughts, ideas, news items, and whatever else might catch the author's fancy. In fact they are a great medium in which one can express their feelings and air their views to the masses. True, in Addixion's case they're small masses, barely cysts rather than full scale tumours, but you get the idea.

What I do object to is the word itself. To me the word "Blog" is an ugly, contrived word that I suspect is very close to the sound my great-great-great-(great?)-grandmother Christina made when she fell into the North Minch and was swept out to sea at the beginning of the 19th Century. So, to allow poor Christina some peace and dignify her memory , we will henceforth refrain from using the term as a description for what this is. And so, "NotaBlog" it is.....

January 10, 2009

You may be wondering why there is suddenly a photo of my house, at night even, on the home page rather than something more attractive or artistic. Basically it's because every site review I received from LinkReferral complained about how hard it was to read the words with the other background. Unlike our the more regular visitors, they don't realize that the home page is merely a placeholder for the links, and that the words rarely if ever change.

However, since it's winter in Québec (UGH!) it's very difficult to get a decent picture that isn't in shades of white and blue. So, for now I'll leave this one on to see if the reaction is better. Obviously it's of no quality, so don't be looking for a wallpaper version of it. And I will switch it as soon as I have a proper replacement.

Added later:

Here's the first review since I changed the background. This is just too funny for words. I wonder if he read the updates and was joking.

Our Reviews
"very special welcome text. but i recommend you to change ur background to a lighter color."

Get your own reviews, free traffic at

  January 6, 2009

Linkreferral promises, as this button says; "Immediate free traffic"

And they delivered exactly what they promised. Within minutes of registering with them the visitors started flowing in, from all parts of the globe. Granted, most of them probably stayed only for the six seconds required to get credit for the visit, but traffic is traffic and not only will it improve Addixion's rank in search engines, it also increases the value of any ads which may be clicked here.

And it takes significant work to keep our link high up in the listings, but with (so far) 42 unique views and several repeaters, it's well worth it. And besides, what else do I have to do?

That's the good news.....

So far, site reviews have been less than stellar, to say the least. Here's the first one, which believe it or not is the best of the bunch:

"Well, I can say that the wallpaper on the site is fabulous, but other than that, I'm not quite sure what was going on here. I can only hope that this is new and that you are going to add content. If so, it's a good start and I'll come back.."

I don't know if that means my wallpapers or Abbie's, but I'll assume they looked at both. In this person's defense, he's a blogger. Blogger's are used to more structure and focus. Sorry, but I don't do focus! That's a 7


"This site is not inviting. I have no incentive to look further past the front page. The photo is beautiful, but the text is difficult to read and the site is poorly organized.."

Again with the photo. Well, at least this time I know it was mine, since they didn't go any farther. I can read the text fine, btw. And I'm old! As for being poorly organized, all the links are right in your face and clearly identified. Oh well. That was a 6.

And finally, so far:

"What a horrible design. I'm sorry but when it loaded i got a headache. THe text color, and how you put it over the image. NO. In fact if you want i will help you re-design for free. Message me and i will help all i can. Sorry for the bad review."

Some people get headaches very easily. But shouldn't the "H" in "The" be lower-case? Not to mention the word "I" is normally capitalized. Nice of him to offer to fix it, but I think I will pass. That was a 6.

I don't care that much what random people think or say. I will put these comments as private to me only so I don't get the BandWagon effect, but other than that, I'm just glad for the traffic. BUT, I do have one question. You all know I have no sense of colour, and my stuff is intentionally cartoonish. But, honestly, is Addixion ugly? And if it is, why haven't any of you told me?

January 4, 2009

A quick "THANK YOU!" to Abbie for making some of her Wisconsin photographs available to us as wallpapers.

December 13, 2008

I took a few pictures today. None of them are fabulous, but you might find them nice anyway. I also changed the background to a more wintry version...and changed the link colour from white for obvious reasons.

December 2, 2008

Spottt is a free link exchange I'm trying out. My image (thank you, Becca!) will be shown on other sites as long as I show others "spottts" here. Feel free to click and visit the sites at your discretion. Unlike the paid ads, that's what it's there for. I don't know if you will be able to see Becca's ad, because it will be on other sites and not this one, so I'll show you here:

November 28, 2008

I have reactivated the emoticon pages, with some modifications that you will understand when and if you look at it.

November 25, 2008

Turned this page upside down......

November 24, 2008

I'm trying out something new here. It's called "Chitika" (not to be confused with the bananas). What it is is a contextual search-based ad system. If you reach one of Addixion's pages via a search engine, you will see targeted ads along with a built-in search engine that allows the user to search further. Most of our regular visitors won't see it or be bothered by it at all. However, if you want to see what it looks like on one of the pages, add "#chitikatest=whatever" to the URL address and hit refresh. ie:

November 20, 2008

Because of the issues we had with our previous ad service (which we will not get into), we are trying out one or more new services. Hopefully we will be more successful. Also, expect the return of JOTD tomorrow.

November 13, 2008

And, from the "Don't count your profits until their deposited" department, clearly we are experiencing a small problem. Honestly, I don't have a clue what I did wrong but hopefully it will be sorted out soon. If not, I fully intend to look at alternatives. So, this is but a setback and not a knockout blow. Until such time as this situation is solved, it will be business as usual, with the exception of the Joke of the Day. Meaning I will continue to wrack my little brain for ways to increase traffic, as well as adding any photographs I happen to think show-worthy.

November 9, 2008

After much trial and error, as well as some tricky C&P'ing and intense hair pulling, I added the mouseover descriptions to the photography page.

November 8, 2008

I've added a page with a few of my best and favourite photographs. Eventually (when I figure it out) there will be mouseover text with a short description of each. The formatting for the wallpaper versions also are eluding me a bit. For instance, I know the W/L ratio on laptops is smaller, but since I don't have a laptop, I'm not sure what is most common. So if someone could let me know, please?

November 3, 2008

In order to make the site more useful to random and legitimate users, as well as showing up in as many searches as possible, I added a Color Chart. No, I didn't actually code the chart myself, I stole it from somewhere else and simply Addixionized it. Still, the simple process of Addixionization automatically makes it mine, doesn't it?

October 26, 2008

The Joke of the Day page was starting to get too long. In fact several screens long. So I put the jokes themselves inside an iFrame, a technique I had never tried before. I think it works quite well.

October 14, 2008

Here's an idea I am/was actually excited about. But most of you know it doesn't take much to excite me. Not only did I use a couple of scripting techniques I had never tried before, but the  new Joke of the Day page is also the very first place outside of the forums where Addixion's members and visitors can contribute and have some input and recognition. And, if I can make additions to it regularly it will give people a reason to come back often. I'm out there every night, and every morning, prostituting Addixion across the net. Every chance I get, I tell people I talk to or chat to or post at a forum with to go take a look. And they do. But they don't come back. At least until I tell them to AGAIN! But if the joke page can remain a dynamic, changing entity, then they will have a reason to come back..........won't they? I wish I had something concrete to offer potential contributors, such as an Addixion mug, or cap, or T-Shirt, but as yet we simply don't have the traffic to warrant using the still-meagre funds we're generating for prizes. I am hoping some day that will change, and it will be a pleasure to send each contributor a shiny new Addixion mug for them to stick in the back of their dusty cupboards. In the meantime, they will have to be content with the hypothetical membership cards I offered.

Also, I made yet another addition to the Hot Girls/Guys/Couples section. You know, that shameless attempt to be indexed in high traffic sections of various search engine results. But I can't get rid of the stupid US Elections public service ads, no matter how I label or word things. And it's pissing me off!

October 9, 2008

A couple of "Viewer Requests" today. First, it seems that female visitors do not bother clicking on a link entitled "Hot Girls!" Who would have thought it? Anyway, just for them, I added a "Hot Guys!" page for their viewing pleasure.

October 6, 2008

Pandering to baser instincts, I added the Hot Girls page. Check it out!

September 29, 2008

I added the picture of the heron that I took a month ago right in the middle of Sherbrooke as a background. It's my favourite picture of its type, I think. I'm not 100% sure of it as a background, though. I think it may obscure the links and text a bit. We'll try it for now and see if we get any complaints.

September 26, 2008

Migrated the old smilie/emoticon page from Birdland. This is a very low-tech page that hopefully I could do better with today if I tried. But, it did get a lot of traffic in its day, so who knows? And I migrated the page only, not the images. It would have taken hours to move all those images. And besides, I don't mind leeching from myself

I have had a complaint that this particular page is hard to read. To that person, and they know who they are, I say....tough shit. Buy some reading glasses at the dollar store!.

September 23, 2008

Put the links into tables and added the first external links.

Changed the banner. This will be a regular thing. I plan to use the seasonal banners and keep them up-to-date Also, because of remarks that the links are hard to see and read since the background was added, I have changed the link colour on the home page to a more visible white.

September 21, 2008

Added the banner on this page. Thank you, Becca. It looks great!

September 18, 2008

This here update page.

September 17, 2008

I added the "Make Addixion your Home Page" script. No, I don't expect anyone to actually do it, but with the new Google Search bar on there, at least it wouldn't be totally stupid and useless if you did.

September 15, 2008

A few minor changes in the Home Page. More bla-bla-bla mostly.

The first appearance of  commercial content. And you know what I am referring to. Hey, we have to pay the bills, after all, and I prefer this to begging on the street with a tin cup.


Back to Addixion!