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October 12, 2011

The former elk preserve has become a killing field. Every native cervidae trapped behind the fences is being systematically slaughtered. It is questionable if any still survive. As for Pete, he has not been seen since the massacre began almost two weeks ago. Governor Peter Shumlin has said that he was reported safe by Vermont F&W (yes, the same people who have fought for his destruction for three years.

Pete's supporters are flooding Shumlin's Facebook page with demands for proof. So far he has ignored us all. If it's not too late for Pete, please go here and post these four words:

Show Me The Moose!


September 11, 2011

Just when you thought it was safe to back in the forest, a year and four month after the State of Vermont and then-governor Douglas tossed together a compromise plan to spare Pete and  the wild animals within the elk compound they are now suddenly once again facing imminent destruction.

Vermont Fish and Wildlife, only slightly less powerful than God (God in Vermont being Homeland Security) immediately petitioned the new Vermont Governor, Peter Shumlin, to have its jurisdiction restored. The argument used was that wildlife belongs to all Vermonters and therefore should not and cannot be protected on privately owned lands.

Swayed by the power of F&W and the equally powerful hunting lobby behind it, the Vt House voted to not only allow hunting but in fact mandated the "harvesting" of every native cervidae within the  fences of the elk compound, deer, moose and unicorn with the written exception of Pete himself. This will include Patty and Paul as well since only Pete's protection is written into the bill which was passed. But even this casual written protection is no guarantee of Pete's safety. And no possible escape route exists for Pete's friends, because the Bill specifically makes it a crime for anyone to allow the escape through the fences for these doomed creatures.

What else has changed? Well for one, the landowner himself, who had followed all of the State's requirements regarding fencing etc, has leased the land involved to another hunting interest, one who will not give the wild animals any support or protection. And David Lawrence, Pete's long-time friend and sponsor, is now 75 years old, and while he still is there to feed Pete, he can no longer be on the elk reserve 24/7.

It is very nearly a done-deal that the wild cervidae will be slaughtered. Hunting within a  fenced compound seems a bit like shooting fish in a barrel to me, no imaginable sport that I can see, but I have always maintained that the ultimate goal of F&W's gun-toting constituents is to see Pete's own head upon their walls and to revel in the dubious bragging rights that would give them among their peers. Chances of Pete being "accidentally" shot during the quasi-hunt are very high and we can be sure that the officials at F&W are hoping for just that.

It's probably too late to save Patty and Paul and the other 200 or so cervidae within the fences, but there is still time to save Pete. Send Peter Shumlin an email NOW and demand that he follow through on his earlier promises to protect Pete, and urge him to find a safe place for Pete to stay during the upcoming slaughter.

May 13, 2010

I am sure you are all wondering........WTF ever happened to Pete? Well, basically nothing. A temporary hold was put on his execution in January while lobbyists, politicians, and Pete's FaceBook and r/l friends discussed, argued, and negotiated his fate and/or a solution.

The official solution finally came down today. The following short article from WCAX-TV has some errors (as we know, Pete is a wild animal so he has no "owner") but it sums up the basic facts:

Legislature saves Pete the Moose

Irasburg, Vermont - May 13, 2010

Final negotiations on the state budget included a plan to save Pete the Moose.

Pete has been living on an elk hunting preserve in Irasburg ever since he was found in the woods mauled by dogs. But Vermont law dictates what kinds of animals are allowed on hunting preserves and wild animals are not supposed to be kept in captivity. So the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department planned to kill Pete.

Now lawmakers have found a way around that problem by making the preserve a game farm and mandating protective measures around it. That farm will also now fall under the jurisdiction of the Agency of Agriculture, rather than Fish and Wildlife.

"I think what the Legislature has done is recognize that disease control is a very important part of wildlife in Vermont and they are basically requiring as part of the Pete solution that there be double fencing on the land up in Irasburg to keep him from intermingling with the wildlife and possibly transmitting disease," Vt. Agriculture Secretary Roger Allbee said.

Pete's owner also needs to provide a management plan to the Agency of Agriculture that outlines disease control and herd management.

Taking Pete away from the clutches of F&W should assure his survival, as well as the survival of Patty, Paul, and the other wild deer and moose within the fences. And I am sure that Pete's 5000 FB friends will keep an eye on the situation to make sure no funny business occurs.

Tonight Pete announced "Party at my Place!" but he didn't give a date yet. Something about cleaning the place up and probably getting drinks in. I will let you know when you should drop by.

December 20, 2009

Like to send a Christmas card to Jim Douglas on Pete's behalf?

Just send an email to  before Tuesday, December 22. Include only your name and state, province, or country if you don't want to give out too much info. Pete's friends will fill out a card like this one for you and send it to him:

December 8, 2009

I am very very late with this announcement. Hopefully none of my regular (and largely international) readers flew in and were standing on Church Street in Burlington last Saturday wondering where the Hell Pete's people were.....

Anyway, the rally which was planned for last Saturday was postponed due to the unavailability of certain promotional materials. It will be held THIS Saturday, December 12 starting at noon. I PROMISE you this time!

In other news, today during the weekly updates on Froggy 100.9 Beth (Beth is the main organizer for the movement and Pete's facebook ghostwriter) had a call from the Lt. Governor of Vermont, Brian Dubie. Dubie promised he would get F&W to sit down and discuss options. And, since Dubie is running for the Governor's job himself, it's a safe bet he will come through. So far, this definitely looks like a positive step.

December 2, 2009

Dictated by Pete on his facebook this morning:

Fish and Wildlife have no idea what to do about us...they have NEVER been challenged like this before. They are used to doing what they want, when they want and not having to answer to anyone for their actions. Guess they messed with the wrong bunch this time. No more business as usual. Come on Laroche, step up and think outside of the box.

Pete's suggestions for today:

Fish and Wild Life... Say hi to Mr Laroche

Email: Phone: 802-241-3700 Fax: 802-241-3295

Or call Governor Douglas 802-828-3333

November 24, 2009

If anyone was watching the ABC national news tonight with Charles Gibson they would have noticed a familiar figure. Yes, our friend Pete made his national TV debut. Filmed a few months ago, but initially pre-empted for the balloon boy, the news item was brief, and by necessity took no sides in the issue. But it WAS coverage, and coverage of the best kind

For those who missed it, you can watch the video online at ABCnews.comPete himself was relieved that the camera didn't add 10 pounds to his weight...

An especially big day for our moosey buddy today. In addition to the ABC story there was also his weekly update on Froggy 100.9 this morning. With barely a month remaining before the planned execution date the scale of this continues to escalate, as is  crucial if anything can be done before the deadline.

November 23, 2009

A new petition has been started for Pete. Target is 10000 signatures, and at this early stage there is still a LONG ways to go. It's open to everyone around the world, so jump in there and make your feelings known

PETE PETITION   <---------Click this!

Also, write this one on your calendars. There will be a rally for Pete and his friends on Church Street in Burlington, Vermont on December 5. Times and details will be announced when I have them available. If the weather co-operates we're planning to be there. In addition to supporting Pete in person, this could be a great opportunity to finish up some Christmas shopping. So, if you're within reach, let's have as many warm bodies present as possible.

November 19, 2009

Lots of stuff today, so let's get to it.

See the link with the little "Save Pete" image? If you click that you go to a CafePress shop, with original designs created by Jessica Marony. All profits go directly to the Save Pete cause (Pete guaranteed this to me personally) so don't hesitate. These items would make nice and unique Christmas gifts for animal lovers and those with a taste for the offbeat alike.

Did anyone write to WCAX as I suggested? I did, and got a short but prompt reply from Ms. Carlson thanking me for my note and promising that WCAX was indeed going to keep following the story.

There is a gubernatorial (weird word, no?) election coming up in Vermont. Jim Douglas will not be out, which makes me wonder if he is intentionally stalling on the Pete issue in order to drop the annoyingly hot potato in his successor's lap. Now, anyone who knows me knows I am as non-political as they come. I haven't voted in an election for at least 15 years and the last few times I did I wrote in my own name....Hey! You never know, I might have won! But in this instance I will urge anyone with voting abilities in Vermont to support any candidate who publicly comes out on Pete's side in this. So far one of the three declared candidates has already called Pete to promise support. I won't say who that is yet, because I am being fair to the others at this very early stage. Sooooooo, stay tuned.

November 16, 2009

I am quite certain all the readers of this page have already contacted Ellen, so here is your next assignment:
Earlier in the year the CBS affiliate in Burlington Vermont did a piece on Pete.  It's time they did an update and reminded everyone that Pete and his friends are still alive, and mostly, that they still need everyone's support.
So, please shoot off a quick email to and DEMAND an update.

Weekly updates will also be available, starting tomorrow, on Froggy 100.9 between 7AM and 8AM. If you can't get the station (and even I don't think I can) perhaps you can get it online. I haven't checked that yet myself so I can't guarantee it.

November 12, 2009

The latest push, an idea that Peter may or may not have thought of himself (who knows what goes on in Moosehead - and I don't mean the beer) is to get Peter and his friends on The Ellen Degeneres Show. If you think this might be a good idea, please write in to the show and suggest it. So far there seems to have been little to no response from them, but with enough pressure from enough people it may make them sit up and smell the moosepoop.

Here's the link:

Unfortunately it appears to be US only, which kind of sucks. I would suggest anyone outside of the US invent a fake address and phone# but that would be unethical, wouldn't it? Though not as unethical as killing harmless animals without a good reason......

November 3, 2009

I don't know how many people actually called the governor yesterday. I'm sure even Pete doesn't know for sure, except for the ones who wrote and said they did. For those of you who did, Pete thanks you, and I thank you on his behalf.

Most people who called got voice mail. But that doesn't mean the calls were wasted. The calls will have been noted and logged so they still count. One person at least got through to one of the governor's aides. Governor Douglas was apparently in........ Asia. How convenient was that?

The State has consistantly stated (the State states, get it?) that they will entertain reasonable and equitable alternative solutions, yet they refuse to meet with Pete's lawyer and other representatives to discuss options. More on this next time, as it is still unfolding/

Also, there are now new "Save Pete"  bumper stickers available. I haven't seen them but I have heard they're pretty cool. Price is $2.00/sticker and proceeds go to Pete's defense fund. I'll let you know very soon how you can procure your very own!

November 1, 2009

Just a short update. There will be a phone-in campaign for Pete's benefit tomorrow morning, November 2 starting at 9:00am. Tell them you don't want to be transferred to Fish and Wildlife. Only the Governor himself can spare Pete and all his friends. 802-828-3333.

As it stands right now, some 200 deer and moose living within the elk enclosure are scheduled for "removal" on January 5. Removal, in governmentspeak, involves high powered rifles. In other words, a bloodbath.

October 25, 2009

And the big day arrived, the chance to actually meet Pete in person (in moose?) Pete was as gracious and accommodating a host as expected.

Here are a few selected photos, but there ARE more.

How often do you get a chance to touch a moose? And doesn't he have the saddest eyes you have ever seen?

This first one is Paul, who was born inside the elk enclosure but is a truly wild moose despite being used to people. THIS one I did not try to touch, even though he was standing right beside me.. The second one is Pete's girlfriend, Patty. Can we expect little Pete's by spring?

A reminder that, yes indeed, this is an elk farm. And trust me, backing through them was an adventure in itself!

This elk had his own message for Governor Douglas

Please, write to the governor, let's give Pete a chance and make him smile again!


October 14, 2009

Alas, I have been remiss with my updates, but here are a few things as of now on the Pete front.

On October 5 Pete made the big times in terms of print news when he was featured in an article in the New York Times. You can read the whole article HERE. One thing in particular it illustrates is that this battle is not for Pete alone, but is a fight to save all of the 200 or so wild deer and moose living within the fences of the elk farm.

Last week Pete was visited for over 6 hours by Charles Gibson of ABC news. He is supposed (Pete, not Charles....Charles is always there) to be on Good Morning America some time this week, but either it has not yet occurred or I have missed the announcement.

And finally, there will be a "Meet Pete" day on Sunday, October 25 from 10AM to 3PM. The price of admission is a handwritten letter to Governor Jim Douglas. Pete strongly suggests you have 4 wheel drive if you're coming because parking will probably be in less than well-paved locations. I'm hoping to be able to make it, so in addition to meeting Pete you might even

September 23, 2009

This is the type of response you get from the Governor's Office:

"The following message is from Commissioner Laroche:

Your email to the Governor has been referred to me for response.  I appreciate your concern for the Irasburg moose. The Department of Fish & Wildlife is seeking the best resolution to the issue of illegally possessed moose and white-tailed deer at the Irasburg facility.  All practical and legal means of resolving this issue are being considered.  The Department is charged and trusted with safeguarding the health of native wildlife populations and cannot violate this trust.  The release of these animals into the wild poses a serious potential threat to native deer and moose populations. We are working toward the best and most humane solution to this issue.

Commissioner Wayne A. Laroche

Fish & Wildlife Department "

All bureaucratic gobbledegook of course,  but one could expect no different. Back in Irasburg, Pete and friends are still hanging in. More demonstrations are planned on his behalf, and Pete's lawyer is tirelessly lobbying (harassing) the governor's office.

In the meantime, take a minute to visit Pete's Official Site and even add him as a friend on Facebook. Pete updates his Facebook every day, thought I have yet to figure out how he types with those big hooves....

September 10, 2009

Save Pete the Moose

No, Pete is not the moose on the front page, but he may be a relative to that juvenile cow. This is too long for me to type and reword, so I am copying from HERE:

"For more than a year now, Irasburg, VT, resident David Lawrence has been nursing a moose back to health. Pete the moose had just been attacked by dogs last year when Lawrence happened upon him on his property. Since then, Lawrence and Pete have had a bond that they didn't think would be broken... 

That's when the State of Vermont came in. Pete lives on an elk farm and part of his diet comes from the food of the elk, from animal feed. Vermont State officials fear that there is a high risk of Pete contracting something "called chronic wasting disease", a brain ailment that affects deer-like animals and can be spread via animal feed as well as from animal to animal. (Addixion note: Sounds like the cervine version of Mad Cow disease to me )Vermont would like to "remove" the deer and moose that inhabit this 600-acre elk farm. And by remove, we mean kill. Maybe.

Vermont is currently looking for alternative homes for the moose and deer currently living in the farm. Their concern over chronic wasting disease are legitimate, but so are the concerns of the people who don't want to see a healthy animal killed. “We’re human beings, and we’re farmers, and we can’t stand to see an animal die if we can save it,” says Lawrence.

If you'd like to voice your opinion, send Gov. Jim Douglas an email by clicking here"

Oh, and if you do write Jim Douglas (you won't, but if you DO) mention that you saw this at Addixion please? I may be working the Animal Rights thing, but I am always an opportunist, and a backlink into his email can only be a good thing for Addixion