Smilies! Emoticons!

(You know, those funny little pictures you use instead of words to show what you are thinking!)

For those of you who may not know how to use these, simply rightclick on the emoticon you want to use, then save them to your computer and stick them wherever you like. You know, email, upload to your own site, whatever!

Or, rightclick on the emoticon you want to use, go down to properties. Then, when the properties screen comes up, copy the address (URL) into your clipboard. You can then paste that address to wherever you want it, a forum, an email, or onto a webpage. Umm, come to think of it, if you already have a webpage you didn't need those instructions, did you?

That last method will leech off of my bandwidth, so be gentle a little. I don't own them,  I stole them from other places, and I do have plenty of bandwidth, but with the increased traffic here, much less than I used to. Just remember if anyone asks where they came from, tell them from Addixion

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