From the birth of Addixion, our very own Kaj was the official "Banner and Graphic Girl", always ready to produce new and fresh artwork for our little community. In more recent times, Abbie and especially Becca have taken over most of  what I consider the "drudge work" of providing banners and other graphics for forum, webpages, traffic exchanges, PTC links etc.

In a perfect "net-world", or at least one with a perfect webmaster, I would credit each of the banners/graphics below with the artist who created it and give my visitors the opportunity to contact them if  they liked their work and wished to have something in a similar style for their own site.

There's only a couple problems with that idea:

1) I didn't ask permission from anyone to offer their (graphic) services to the world and

2) Frankly, I don't remember which of my girls created some of the works you see below.